Creative Food Advertising and Production


We use a systematic process to establish the strategic message direction for creative food advertising and production. A key document is the "Creative Work Plan", which is a checklist and description of all critical issues and factors to be considered. This document defines creative food projects interms of objectives, strategies, competitor information, target audiences, and key messaging points. Development of this document is a collaboration with the client.


Combining vivid visual elements with strong copy concepts is key to creating truly effective creative food advertising. Within our creative process, art directors and copywriters jointly create ideas designed to motivate customers by using strong emotional as well as rational selling techniques. Our creative food advertising art rectors are masters at image creation while our copywriters are masters at messaging.


We take great pride in our print production expertise. Our pre-press process ensures that comple te and accurate art files are delivered to the printer. We closely supervise the onsite press checks to ensure color fidelity of the final product. Our print production coordinators are experienced in supervising creative food advertising and production by carefully bidding out every printing project. This ensures high quality printing at excellent prices.


Because a restaurant's most effective branding vehicle is its trade dress, excellent graphics are key. FoodWise Group creative advertising designers are skilled at designing brand identity graphics that both advertise the brand to the public and add to the ambiance experience of the restaurant's patrons. As creative food advertising experts, we are well qualified to design and execute graphics from logo to exterior signage to interior point of sale.